Small steps to improve your mental health by stopping comparisons to others.

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Why is it that we compare every aspect of our life to someone else? Why do we feel the need to compete with each other? Why do we feel the need to replicate what someone else has or is doing? I recently started asking myself this question. Typically, I am a very competitive person, but really only when it comes to myself, my work, or well, in my high school sports career.

I have become more aware of the competition and comparison that we do after I became a mom. Honestly, it was blaring in my face once I joined…

5 Things Women Sacrifice When Becoming a Mom

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Being a mom is the greatest gift in life. The minute you give birth to your new baby, your whole world changes, specifically for the mom. The sacrifices a mom makes cannot be matched by anyone. You are this new baby’s whole world and they now are yours.

Your Body

Your baby has changed your body in one way or another. For one, after having my baby, my body never looked the same. From the way my stomach sits, to the c-section scar, to the size of my boobs. After 8 months, nothing quite fits the same or looks the…

5 Ways to Successfully Keep Employees Feeling Connected While Working Remote

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Many companies today are working remotely which makes it very difficult to maintain communication and to uphold the company culture. How can people feel connected when they are now working in separate locations? To keep the growth of a company going, to keep morale up, and to keep the day to day processes running, a manager needs to be diligent and creative.

Keeping the Culture Alive

Many companies advertise and pride themselves on having a great company culture. In fact, applicants will flock to these types of companies because they have a great atmosphere and take care of their employees…

My journey and tips to help cope with postpartum depression and anxiety.

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Mental health is a very taboo topic, but we need to open up and start discussions. It is not something to be ashamed of or hidden. It is a real thing, and so many women are currently battling a mental health struggle. More specifically, I want to talk about postpartum depression and anxiety (PPD and PPA). Many women think that they will avoid this because they never had a depression or anxiety diagnosis, but they are wrong. It can happen to anyone and really can happen at any time. I am living proof of that.

I have been suffering from…

A glimpse into the journey of pregnancy to current day with an infant all during a global pandemic.

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Over the years, before having a baby, I thought life would be the same, but caring for another human. We thought our trips to the store, our travel, or even day to day life would be the same. Never in my life did I think I would be pregnant or have a baby during a pandemic. The way we acted and the “normal” things we would have done are completely gone. Let me tell you what I mean.

Prenatal Appointments

I was fortunate that my husband could go to my ultrasounds and some of my appointments because they were before…

A survival guide to avoiding new Mom burnout.

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You leave the hospital. Nervous. Scared. No instruction manual. You hear the horror stories of sleepless nights, endless poopy diapers, and spit up on everything, but you’re hopeful that it won’t happen to you. You think that since you are a good sleeper, that your baby should be too, right? Well, the answer is probably not. Most likely a full night’s rest is nowhere in sight.

For months, my son was a terrible sleeper. He would usually be up every one to two hours, but on a lucky night, I would get a 3–4 hour stretch. I began to learn…

Over my career, I have witnessed the so-called “toxic employee.” While there are bad eggs, I’ve learned that it is not always the employee’s fault. Living this first hand, I’ve seen a great employee flip a switch and become unhappy in their job. Observing this over and over again in both my management career and also in being managed, I began to look at why so many employees were leaving or no longer high performers.


A happy employee wants to feel like they bring value to the company and that the hard work they put in is valued by…

When you are a new mom, you have no idea what items are actually needed for your new baby. Trying to start a registry can be overwhelming. Now with COVID, most of the registries have moved from being in store with a scanner to online. This means instead of visually seeing the items by section in a store, you get to scour pages and pages of baby items hoping to find what you need.

I know when I was registering for my baby, I found myself putting on crazy items that I should have known would never be used. Below…

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